Video Games 101: Marvel’s Avengers

It’s undeniable the impact Marvel has left on pop culture in the last 80-some odd years. From comics, to film, to television and now video games, there seems to be no stopping the entertainment giant. After being acquired by Disney in 2009, Marvel has only continued to grow. Let’s take a look at one of Marvel’s latest accomplishments, hit video game Marvel’s Avengers.

What is Marvel’s Avengers?

Marvel’s Avengers is a Beat ‘Em Up style video game. Other types of games in this style include TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and Batman: Arkham Knight. A Beat ’em up style game is a game that features hand-to-hand fighting between characters as well as between a large group of opponents. It’s a game-style similar to Super Smash Bros, but with more players. What started as a popular arcade-style game has now found success across platforms and is making its way into the homes of many gamers.

The plot of Marvel’s Avengers is much like a Marvel movie. In the video game there is one character, in this case teen Kamala Khan, who must reunite the Avengers in order to save the day.


Who can I play as?

Marvel’s Avengers offers several characters for players to choose, which include Captain America, Black Widow, Thor or Black Panther! A full list of playable characters can be found here.

Is there any extra content?

There have been multiple free DLC’s for Marvel’s Avengers. These DLC’s include new game content such as new stages and new playable characters. While the game might have started off rocky, the DLC’s have been praised for bringing new life and stability into the game. If you’ve tried to play Marvel’s Avengers at release and it wasn’t for you, I highly suggest revisiting it with the DLC updates!

Where can I play Marvel’s Avengers?

Marvel’s Avengers is available for Windows, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia.

Meet Marvel’s Avengers voice actor Sean Chiplock at Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay!

Sean Chiplock is the voice of Spider-Man in the video game ‘Marvel’s Avengers,’ the 2020 action-adventure brawler game that is played from a third-person perspective and has both single-player and multiplayer modes. The video game also features an online co-op mode, which allows players to assemble their own team of heroes. The character Spider-Man (Peter Benjamin Parker) was released into the game late 2021, as the central part of the ‘With Great Power’ hero event. Chiplock’s work beyond Spider-Man includes voicing anime characters like Diluc in Genshin Impact, Subaru Natsuki in Re:Zero, Guido Mista in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

You can meet Chiplock at Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay, a winter-themed comic convention on December 10-11 at the Tampa Convention Center. The event features anime, comics, science fiction as well as world-class cosplay. And tickets are affordable at $30 for a single day and $45 for a weekend pass.

Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay

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