10 incredible reasons to attend St. Pete Comic Con 2024


St. Pete Comic Con 2024 looms on the horizon, igniting the fervor of comic, anime, and pop culture aficionados across Florida. This year’s event promises an unrivaled experience, boasting an impressive lineup of celebrations and activities that span the spectrum of fandom delights. As Florida Comic Cons, a herald of the latest and greatest in convention culture, we’re thrilled to unveil the 10 incredible reasons why attending this year’s St. Pete Comic Con is an absolute must for all enthusiasts.

Incredible Reason # 1: Monster High celebration

With the presence of Garrett Sander, the visionary behind Monster High, and two skilled voice actors (Karen Strassman, Cindy Robinson) portraying 15 diverse characters, fans will get a firsthand experience of the enchanting world they adore. The event boasts a lineup of exciting activities such as the Monster High Makeover Booth, where an internationally-known body painter transforms attendees into their favorite characters. Additionally, the Monster High Celebration Panel offers insights from the creator and voice actors, making it an unmissable experience for any Monster High enthusiast. Finally, the Monster High Freaky Fashion Show, a cosplay contest, promises to engage attendees, creating an unforgettable celebration of this iconic franchise. 

Incredible Reason # 2: dc celebration

The DC Celebration showcases the incredible works of comic artist Dexter Vines and voice actor Wally Wingert. Vines is acclaimed for his contributions to titles like “Superman/Batman” and the revered “Justice League of America.” And voice actor Wally Wingert takes the stage, captivating audiences with his portrayal of the enigmatic Riddler / Edward Nigma in various animations and video games. This celebration brings to life the iconic DC characters, drawing fans into the rich narratives of Superman, Batman, and the Justice League of America, making it a must-visit for DC enthusiasts and comic aficionados alike.

And, of course, there are several comic book vendors.

Incredible Reason # 3: Marvel celebration

The event’s Marvel Celebration features  comic artist Vines and voice actor Wingert. First is comic artist Vines, known for his masterful work on Marvel titles like “Civil War,” “Wolverine,” “The Hulk,” and “Red Hulk.” Accompanying him is the versatile voice actor Wingert, recognized for lending his talents to characters like Ant-Man / Henry Pym, Mr. Fantastic / Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, and Modok in various animations and video games. This convergence of artistic talent, combined with the diverse and beloved Marvel characters they represent, promises an immersive and exhilarating experience for every Marvel aficionado at the convention.

Incredible Reason # 4: sonic the hedgehog celebration

Sonic the Hedgehog Celebration features voice actors Karen Strassman and Cindy Robinson, who bring to life the beloved characters of Rouge the Bat and Amy Rose, respectively, infusing these personas with charm and vivacity. Their performances transport attendees into the high-speed adventures of Sonic’s universe, making this celebration a thrilling experience for fans of the iconic blue hedgehog and his friends.

Incredible Reason # 5: ever after high celebration

The enchanting Ever After High Celebration will feature characters like Madeline Hatter, voiced by Cindy Robinson, and Ashlynn Ella, brought to life by Karen Strassman. Together, they voice 9 Ever After High characters. These talented voice actors infuse depth and personality into these iconic personas, immersing attendees in the captivating world of fairy tales and legends. Join in the magic and witness these beloved characters come to life at St. Pete Comic Con 2024!

Incredible Reason # 6: bleach celebration

The vibrant world of Bleach is celebrated, where the characters Soi Fon, portrayed by Karen Strassman, and Momo Hinamori, brought to life by Cindy Robinson, captivate audiences with their unique stories and enthralling personalities. The voice actors together portray 5 Bleach characters. At St. Pete Comic Con 2024, delve into the immersive universe of this beloved anime, experiencing the incredible talent behind these iconic characters.

Incredible Reason # 7: contests

St. Pete Comic Con 2024 is bringing the contests! Engage in the vibrant world of cosplay with the thrilling Cosplay Contest, showcasing exceptional creativity and craftsmanship. Embrace your makeup and SFX skills in the intense competition where talent reigns supreme. Dive into the TikTok Film Festival, where creators demonstrate their prowess in short-form content creation, and groove along in the lively Lip Sync Competition, where entertainment takes center stage. These contests promise excitement and a chance to showcase your unique talents amidst a supportive and enthusiastic community. Applications are open till December 27.

Incredible Reason # 8: cosplay

In only its third year, St. Pete Comic Con is already known as a vibrant cosplay culture. From seasoned pros to enthusiastic beginners, this event attracts a diverse spectrum of cosplayers, each bringing their unique flair and creativity. It’s a haven for those passionate about embodying their favorite characters, showcasing their craftsmanship, and immersing themselves in a welcoming community of like-minded enthusiasts. Whether it’s meticulously crafted armor or expertly styled wigs, attendees can expect a showcase of dedication and artistry that truly brings fiction to life.

Incredible Reason # 9: fan-panels

St. Pete Comic Con 2024 features captivating fan panels that delve into topics only true geeks and nerds can truly appreciate. These panels serve as interactive platforms where fans engage in spirited discussions, sharing their expertise, theories, and love for various aspects of comics, gaming, anime, and pop culture. From in-depth character analyses to dissecting intricate storylines and exploring the latest trends, these panels offer a space where enthusiasts connect, debate, and celebrate their shared passions. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain new insights, meet fellow aficionados, and dive deeper into the worlds that bring joy and fascination to so many. Applications close December 27.

Incredible Reason # 10: 3rd annual event

St. Pete Comic Con enters its third annual celebration this year. For so many years, despite being the fifth-largest city in Florida, St. Petersburg lacked its own dedicated comic con — even while smaller cities thrived with their conventions. Now, this vibrant city proudly hosts its very own event, establishing a tradition that continues to grow and evolve. As it heads into its third edition, St. Pete Comic Con solidifies its place as a must-attend gathering for enthusiasts, filling the void and bringing together a community of passionate fans, artists, creators, and pop culture aficionados under one roof. This annual affair promises to captivate attendees with each passing year, offering an ever-expanding array of experiences, surprises, and unforgettable moments. And it’s all because of amazing fan support!

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