Anime Fest Orlando 2024

The “Best Cosplay We See!” competition selects standout cosplayers directly from the convention halls. We were at Anime Festival Orlando 2024 on Saturday from noon-ish to 4:20pm. We congratulate the winners below, who receive trophies and free convention tickets (and ty to the sponsors providing the weekend passes: Fanboy Expo Orlando 2024, Anime St. Pete 2024, Central Florida Comic Con 2025).

Top 3 Best Cosplays

In no order


2 weekend passes to Fanboy Expo Orlando 2024 + 1 cool trophy


2 weekend passes to Central Florida Comic Con 2025 + 1 cool trophy

Group: @Minanoir, @Loganarei, sakurapaws, AKRcos

10 weekend tickets to Anime St. Pete 2024 + 5 cool trophies

honorable mention


1 cool trophy


1 cool trophy


Ty to the following Florida conventions for providing weekend tickets to our winners.


Meet the talent judging the talent! All 3 are award-winning cosplayers who are known nationally. And all are friends with Gwen-Stacy. Introducing judges Avera Cosplay, The Star Cos, and Dark Lady Cosplay.

avera cosplay

Avera Cosplay is one of the nation’s top cosplayers, having recently finished in the top 4 in a major U.S. competition as well as having won major awards from big cons like DragonCon, Megacon, and Tampa Bay Comic Convention.

the star cos

At only 18-years-old, The Star Cos is a TikTok sensation with more than 1 million followers. Drawing inspiration from drag and high fashion, her cosplays boast originality and a fresh take on classic personas. 

dark lady cosplay

Dark Lady Cosplay is widely known for her cosplay from World Of Warcraft and other Blizzard Entertainment games. And she will be featured in “World of Warcraft In Real Life,” a 3 part documentary series to released later this year by Blizzard giving you a glimpse into the lives of people in the WoW community.

all of the contestants

See all of the contestants who were part of Best Cosplay We See! Anime Fest Orlando 2024 in our blog “Anime Fest Orlando Cosplay Was Astounding!” as well as in our video below.

Upcoming competitions

These are our upcoming events we’ll be attending (all are on our Con Calendar). Learn more about each event below. Captions indicate estimated day/time our team will be there in search of exceptional cosplayers.  (stay tuned for fall and winter convention announcements).

all day both days
11am to 4pm
12pm to 4pm
all day both days

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Metrocon 2024 Cosplay was Magnificent!

Get ready for the “Best Cosplay We See!” competition Metrocon 2024. Below you’ll see more than 30 contestants, meet the judges, and learn about the criteria. Judging is currently underway.