Anime Fest Orlando 2024 Cosplay was Astounding

Get ready for the “Best Cosplay We See!” competition from Anime Fest Orlando 2024. Below you’ll see the 15 participants, which includes several group cosplays, as well as meet the judges and learn about the criteria. The 5 winners will include the Top 3, and 2 Honorable Mention. And the winners have been announced if you want to skip ahead.
The competition selects standout cosplayers directly from the convention halls. Participants are judged post-event by a panel of top cosplayers. Winners are awarded trophies and free tickets to other conventions (and the adoration of fans!)
Best Cosplay We See! is brought to you by Florida Comic Cons and Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine. Learn more about the competition like judging criteria, prizes, and the upcoming conventions we’ll be at searching for talented cosplayers. This is a fantastic opportunity for cosplayers to gain recognition and build confidence without the pressure of performing on stage. We especially welcome introverts to join and showcase their amazing work!
We were at Anime Festival Orlando on Saturday from around noon to 4:20 pm, and here’s what we saw (in no order):

best cosplay we see! Anime Fest Orlando 2024

The following are participating cosplayers (in no order). And ty to the cosplayers who allowed us to snap and chat! Gwen-Stacy enjoyed meeting you!


The judging for the “Best Cosplay We See!” competition focuses on capturing the joy of cosplay, the awe of costumes, and the spirit of the best hobby in the universe. Best Cosplay We See! is not a craftsmanship contest, which would be impossible to judge from one photo. The Best Cosplay We See! approach allows us to celebrate the passion and effort put into the characters, recognizing those who truly bring their personas to life.


Meet the talent judging the talent! All 3 are award-winning cosplayers who are known nationally. And all are friends with Gwen-Stacy. Introducing judges Avera Cosplay, The Star Cos, and Dark Lady Cosplay.

avera cosplay

Avera Cosplay is one of the nation’s top cosplayers, having recently finished in the top 4 in a major U.S. competition as well as having won major awards from big cons like DragonCon, Megacon, and Tampa Bay Comic Convention.

the star cos

At only 18-years-old, The Star Cos is a TikTok sensation with more than 1 million followers. Drawing inspiration from drag and high fashion, her cosplays boast originality and a fresh take on classic personas. 

dark lady cosplay

Dark Lady Cosplay is widely known for her cosplay from World Of Warcraft and other Blizzard Entertainment games. And she will be featured in “World of Warcraft In Real Life,” a 3 part documentary series to released later this year by Blizzard giving you a glimpse into the lives of people in the WoW community.

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