Best Cosplay We See!

Florida Comic Cons, in collaboration with Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine, is excited to announce we will be recognizing the “Best Cosplay We See” at the conventions we attend. In addition to our blogs with cosplayer photos and videos, we wanted to add a competition!

Our team roams the convention halls in search of the top talent. Cosplayers approached choose to participate, allowing us to snap a pic and grab a quick video.

This is a fantastic opportunity for cosplayers to gain recognition and build confidence without the pressure of performing on stage. We especially welcome introverts to join and showcase their amazing work!

All participants will be featured in a blog as well as on the Florida Comic Cons website. Winners receive a trophies and tickets to Florida conventions. There are 5 winners that includes the Top 3 (trophies and convention tickets), and 2 Honorable Mentions (trophies). Winners are judged post-event by a panel of the state’s top cosplayers and will have their prizes mailed to them. They are encouraged to share a photo with their trophy, celebrating their achievement. See below for upcoming events we’ll be attending (we’ll be looking for you!)

Upcoming events we’ll be attending

These are our upcoming events we’ll be attending (all are on our Con Calendar). Learn more about each event below. Captions indicate estimated day/time our team will be there in search of exceptional cosplayers.  (stay tuned for fall and winter convention announcements).

12pm to 4pm
all day both days
11am to 4pm
12pm to 4pm
all day both days

prizes include tickets to top florida conventions

Thanks to the following Florida conventions that are generously providing tickets for us to include as prizes in the “Best Cosplay We See! competitions.” Each winning cosplayer receives 2 weekend passes to one of the conventions below. 

cosplayer info upon request only

For those who have been asked to participate, please complete the form below. DO NOT complete the form unless you’ve been asked.

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Metrocon 2024 Cosplay was Magnificent!

Get ready for the “Best Cosplay We See!” competition Metrocon 2024. Below you’ll see more than 30 contestants, meet the judges, and learn about the criteria. Judging is currently underway.