Brick City Anime Festival 2023 cosplay was fabulous Part 1

The cosplay at Brick City Anime Festival 2023 in Ocala, Florida was so fabulous that Florida Comic Cons and Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine teamed-up to give you two parts of news coverage. Part 1 is this blog, and Part 2 will be in the March issue of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine that will be released soon. Brick City Anime Festival occurred on February 11-12, and star reporter Gwen-Stacy (seen below in pics at the event in her red stroller and meeting fans) was there to get the story.



The story at Brick City Anime Festival 2023 was the cosplay

The big story at Brick City Anime Festival 2023 was the cosplay. In fact, the cosplay we saw was simply fabulous! The event featured 14 guest cosplayers, which is why in our pre-convention blog titled ‘4 Exciting Reasons to Attend Brick City Anime Festival 2023,’ we included ‘cosplay’ as one of the reasons to be there (we knew the cosplay would be superb!) Below are the talented cosplayers we ran into on Saturday. You can see more of the cosplayers in the Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine video that will be released soon.







Check-out February issue of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine

The February issue includes preparation tips for MegaCon Orlando 2023 as well as photo galleries from events in January like St. Pete Comic Con 2023 and Central Florida Comic Con 2023. The featured cosplayer is KolacKitty, an up-and-comer who adorns the February cover with her cosplay of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. And the digital magazine is free, because we luv u. There, we said it first!


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