Spider-Man superstar artist Alex Saviuk appearing at St. Pete Comic Con 2022

Alex Saviuk comic artist at St. Pete Comic Con 2022

Spider-Man superstar artist Alex Saviuk is appearing at St. Pete Comic Con 2022 in St. Petersburg on January 8-9 at the Coliseum. He is best known for his seven-year run on the first volume of Web of Spider-Man, which ran for 129 issues between 1985-1995. In addition, Saviuk’s notable career began with The Flash, Green Lantern Green Arrow, and Superman.

Web of Spider-Man

The “Tribute-to-Teen-Agers” story in Web of Spider-Man issue #35 was the Saviuk’s debut, along with writer Gerry Conway. Later in issue #100, Saviuk teamed with writer Terry Kavanagh for the legendary ‘Spider-Armor’ issue (below).



More Spider-Man by Saviuk

Saviuk‘s Spider-Man work doesn’t stop with Web of Spider-Man. He also drew the The Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives graphic novel (1989, image below). And Saviuk worked on the series Spider-Man Adventures (1994-1996, later retitled The Adventures of Spider-Man). Moreover, he was the artist for The Amazing Spider-Man Sunday newspaper comic strip, written by Stan Lee (started in 1997). Most recently in 2019, he created variant covers for Symbiote Spider-Man #1–5 series 1 and 2 for Marvel.


Drawing Superman, Green Lantern and The Flash: What a great first job!

His first job with DC Comics in the 1970s had him illustrating titles like Green LanternThe Flash, and Superman — what incredible first assignments! (Editor’s note: My first job involved a great deal of fetching coffee for grumpy people).

Saviuk illustrated The Flash issue where Iris Allen dies

Of particular importance, Saviuk drew The Flash #275 (July 1979), which is the issue that Iris West Allen was killed.

Saviuk drew Green Lantern Green Arrow #100

Saviuk’s first full work for DC Comics was Green Lantern #100 (Jan. 1978), which introduced an updated version of the Air Wave character.


Want some Saviuk?

Something good to know: Saviuk does incredible commissions.


Alex Saviuk is a St. Pete Comic Con 2022 comic artist guest

Saviuk will be at St. Pete Comic Con on January 8-9, 2022, at the historic Coliseum located in downtown St. Petersburg. St. Pete Comic Con 2022 is a two-day, multi-genre comic convention in St. Petersburg that features comics, anime, science fiction and fantasy talent, along with a guest roster of Florida’s top cosplayers. Tickets include single day for $20, and weekend pass for $30.

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