5 Marvelous Reasons to Attend Villicon 2022

Villicon is a villain-themed sci-fi and horror convention in Orlando, Florida. And the 2022 event is January 21-23 at the Doubletree Orlando, which is located at the entrance to Universal. Florida Comic Cons gives you 5 Marvelous reasons to attend.

Marvelous Reason #1: Outstanding Cosplayers

There are so many cosplayers and cosplay groups attending Villicon 2022 that we had to give you an alphabetical bullet list (alpha by first name).

  • Airship Mayhem
  • Amazon Steph
  • Art of Breed
  • Bastille the Butler
  • Caity Jayne Cosplay
  • Celtic Cosplay
  • Cinderella Cosplay
  • CosFay
    Countess Alyx
  • Crish Marie Cosplay
  • Dendera Dancers
  • Dr. David Cosplay
  • Endie LeeLoo
  • Hanari 502
  • Harlequin Arts
  • Harris Cosplay
  • Hitachi Okami Cosplay
  • Hugh Hugh Magoo
  • Jackie Sonnenberg
  • Jason Rucci
  • Joker Cosplay
  • Kira Rhian
  • Klingon Assault Group
  • La Reina
  • Life Like Cosplay
  • Mark Muncy
  • Mike 2 the Fullest
  • Miss Riddlebox Coplay
  • Miss Taurus Cosplay
  • Orange County Ghostbusters
  • Outer Rim Guilds
  • Ozzie J Cosplay
  • Paranormal Existence Research Society
  • PikaBelleChu
  • Poetry Does Cosplay
  • Primo Cardinalli
  • Ray Strong
  • Sailor Kit Kat
  • Sailor Scouts
  • Sarah Serenity
  • Speakeasy Sirens
  • Starner Cosplay
  • Steampunk Alyss
  • Suncoast Ghostbusters
  • The Delta Fleet
  • The Rich Weirdos
  • Treblemaker Cosplay
  • U.S.S Haven
  • WeyrWoman Cosplay
  • Yuffie Nori Cosplay

And here are the top 4 headliners:

Bastille the Butler

Bastille the Butler is a staple of the top conventions in Florida – and apparently Villicon 2022 is joining his list. His O.C. (original character) is inspired by Bastille, a macabre wolf skull-faced apparition made flesh.

Image of Bastille the Butler


Cinderella Cosplay

Cinderella Cosplay is a south Florida cosplayer best known for her comic, anime, and video game cosplays. Some of her recent cosplays include Ashe from Overwatch and Todoroki from My Hero Academia.

Cinderella Cosplay Ashe


Steampunk Alyss

Steampunk Alyss is a cosplayer best known for cosplaying Harley Quinn. She cosplays comic and anime characters as well as horror and steampunk style cosplays.

Steampunk Alyss as Harley


Miss Taurus Cosplay

Miss Taurus Cosplay is an award-winning cosplayer from central Florida best known for detailed cosplays from videogames and anime.

Miss Taurus Cosplay


Marvelous Reason #2: Fantastic actors

There are 5 actors attending Villicon 2022: Erick Avari, Barry Bostwick, Denise Crosby, Garrett Wang, and Tab Murphy. Here are the top 2 headliners:

Erick Avari

Erick Avari is an actor featured in The Mummy, Planet of the Apes, Stargate, and more.

Image of Erick Avari


Barry Bostwick

Barry Bostwick is a Hollywood legend featured in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spin City, Megaforce, and many other films.

Image of Barry Boiswick



Marvelous Reason #3: Fun-filled competitions

There will be 3 competitions at Villicon 2022 including the Tri-Villain Tournament, Cosplay wars, and Cosplay Unleashed.

Tri-Villain Tournament

Tri-Villain Tournament is a three-day competition that includes 3 challenges to test the brains, brawn, and guile of competitors. The Gotham Underground will be judging this competition to find the ultimate villain.
Villicon Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Wars

Cosplay Wars is a competition where five teams compete to design and build the best cosplay in just 45 minutes. Additionally, special guest judge Miss Taurus Cosplay will be crowning the champions.


Cosplay Unleashed

Cosplay Unleashed are competitions held each day during Villicon 2022. Friday’s competition will be for Rocky Horror Picture cosplays, Saturday’s theme is dreams vs nightmares, and Sunday will be focused on cosplay makeup and accessories.

Villicon cosplay contests


Marvelous Reason #4: Interactive Showcases

8 interactive showcases will be held at Villicon 2022 including cosplay tips and tricks, makeup instruction, and Q&As with celebrity guests such as Erick Avari and Denise Crosby. Click here for more info.

Villicon 2022


Marvelous Reason #5: Unique Theme

Villicon offers a dark and twisted theme not offered by most conventions. By attending Villicon 2022 you can unleash your darker side and celebrate all things evil and vile.

Villicon Cosplayers


Need help finding comic cons in Florida?

Florida Comic Cons provides the Con Calendar — a curated calendar of upcoming comic, anime, horror, science fiction, fantasy and pop culture conventions in The Sunshine State. Event listings include con info as well as helpful links for things like buying tickets and registering as a vendor.

The Con Calendar by Florida Comic Cons

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