5 Remarkable Florida Conventions in October

In the vibrant world of Florida’s convention scene, October promises to be a spectacular month filled with an array of pop culture events that will leave fans exhilarated.

October begins the month on the last day of Anime St. Pete, a celebration of all things anime and the cosplay it inspires. After an inaugural event last year that drew 4,000 attendees, excitement is growing for the 2nd annual convention in central Florida. And later in the month is WasabiCon, north Florida’s premier anime convention. It’s a must-visit for anime enthusiasts looking for an unforgettable experience.

For those with a penchant for the macabre, Spookala and Spooky Empire are two hair-raising horror conventions that will send chills down your spine. Spookala, nestled in the scenic north Florida, is a Halloween-themed extravaganza that combines spooky thrills with family-friendly fun. Meanwhile, Spooky Empire, held in central Florida, is a mecca for horror aficionados, featuring celebrity guests from iconic horror films, spine-tingling exhibits, and a gruesome array of vendors selling all things eerie. Whether you’re seeking a dose of terror or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, these two horror cons have you covered.

And in the heart of central Florida, Bartow Con promises an out-of-this-world experience for sci-fi enthusiasts, where attendees can immerse themselves in the fantastical worlds of their favorite sci-fi franchises

Here are October’s conventions in date-order with links, and the main focus identified (keeping in mind comic conventions are generally broad in genre and often also include sci-fi, fantasy, and anime).

Main Focus: Anime
Main Focus: Horror
Main Focus: Horror
Main Focus: Sci-Fi
Main Focus: Horror

Need help finding cons in Florida?

Florida Comic Cons has the Con Calendar, a curated calendar of comic, anime, horror, and other pop-culture conventions to keep you, the fandom, informed and apprised (you’re welcome). Quit wasting time with internet searches that take too long and still leave you asking questions.  The Con Calendar’s event listings include all the con info like ticket prices and links, and lots more!

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