Best-ever Sam Wilson Captain America cosplayer @KDiddy3300 to appear at St. Pete Comic Con 2022

Tampa cosplayer @KDiddy3300 may be one of the best ever Sam Wilson Captain America cosplayers. The character’s popularity continues to skyrocket after the MCU’s “Avengers” franchise as well as its TV series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” In addition, the cosplayer has kept pace with the MCU, crafting a couple of different Sam Wilson Captain America cosplays. And @KDiddy3300 is appearing at St. Pete Comic Con 2022 on January 8-9 at the Coliseum.

The comics version of Sam Wilson Captain America

His first Sam Wilson Captain America cosplay, created in 2019, has red wings that are based on the comics version of the character. For the cosplay, @KDiddy3300 repurposed an empty backpack and added wings created from Eva foam with a piping structure. The wings move vertically with a pully wheel system. It took him six weeks to build the wings. The mechanics and large wing span of approximately 15 feet makes the wings rather heavy to wear.

Sam Wilson Captain America cosplay early version

Sam Wilson Captain America cosplay from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV series

His second Sam Wilson Captain America cosplay, created in early 2021, is based on the MCU TV series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This second set of wings took him two weeks to build. And with a wing span of approximately 10 feet and fewer moving parts, the second set of wings are lighter than his original creation, making them better for walking around conventions.

In addition, he commissioned the body suit, which was based on the TV series and tailored for his physique. And he crafted the new gauntlets, belt and shin guards — all to match the TV series.

Sam Wilson Captain America with wings

Sam Wilson Captain America kneel stance

Sam Wilson Captain America pose

Sam Wilson Captain America costume


@KDiddy3300 and the love of his life also have a love of Power Rangers

He and his wife, @kdprice_author, are avid Power Rangers cosplayers. The couple has attended every Rangerstop Orlando convention, which is one of the largest Power Rangers conventions in the nation.

Power Rangers cosplays


Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine cosplayer feature

@KDiddy3300 is featured in Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine’s May/June 2020 issued titled “10 Florida cosplayers you need to know about.” The magazine, published by Florida Comic Cons, spotlights his cosplays and shares more about his background.

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine cover


@KDiddy3300 is a St. Pete Comic Con 2022 Cosplay Guest

The best-ever Sam Wilson Captain America cosplayer will be at St. Pete Comic Con on January 8-9, 2022, at the historic Coliseum located in downtown St. Petersburg. St. Pete Comic Con 2022 is a two-day, multi-genre comic convention in St. Petersburg that features comics, anime, science fiction and fantasy talent, along with a guest roster of Florida’s top cosplayers. Tickets include single day for $15, and weekend pass for $25.

St. Pete Comic Con logo


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