Claire Redfield from Resident Evil (aka Stephanie Panisello) to appear at Sunshine City Scare 2023

The voice of Claire Redfield from the incredibly popular Resident Evil 2 video game (aka Stephanie Panisello) will be at Sunshine City Scare 2023 as part of the convention’s video game horror genre. Sunshine City Scare is May 13-14 at the historic Coliseum in downtown St. Petersburg. The new breed of horror convention features anime horror and video game horror as well as horror in movies and a very special guest. And Florida Comic Cons is here to tell you more!


Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror video game for PlayStation. One of the characters the player controls is Claire Redfield, who must escape Raccoon City that is overridden with zombies. Also, Resident Evil 2 features the same basic gameplay mechanics as its predecessor, Resident Evil, with the player exploring a fictional city while fighting zombies and solving puzzles.


Two months after the events of the first Resident Evil, most citizens of the midwestern mountain community Raccoon City have been transformed into zombies by the T-virus, a biological weapon secretly developed by a pharmaceutical company. College student Claire Redfield is looking for her brother Chris. Claire arrives at the Raccoon Police Department to discover most of the police force are dead. In addition, she learns that Chris has left town to investigate the pharmaceutical company’s headquarters in Europe. And so she begins a journey to look for survivors and find a way out of the deadly city full of zombies.


Panisello as Claire Redfield

She is an unlikely protagonist because Claire initially doesn’t appear capable of fighting zombies and escaping Raccoon City. But she proves herself to be tougher than her appearance. And her character becomes integral to the entire franchise’s lore as video game horror.

For the Claire Redfield fans who want to know more about her, such as how her brother taught her to fight or more about her being an orphan, here are a couple blogs from CBR to crave your appetite (pardon the zombie pun).


Resident Evil franchise

The Resident Evil franchise includes a live-action film seriesanimated filmstelevision seriescomic booksnovelsaudio dramas, and lots of merchandise. It’s arguably the highest-grossing horror franchise, in part because it continues to grow with ongoing sequels in its various media. In 2022, actor Milla Jovovich led the franchise into movies as well as into mainstream pop culture with the first Resident Evil film, which was followed by five sequels.



Panisello is part of Sunshine City Scare’s Video Game Horror genre

Sunshine City Scare spotlights video game horror with 3 additional big-name voice actors who have portrayed major characters in popular video games as well as films, animations, and anime based on the games.


Jodelle Ferland: Bio Shock 2, Silent Hill

In addition to Panisello, the event features actor Jodelle Ferland who voices Little Sister in the game Bio Shock 2 and stars as Alessa in the film Silent Hill, which is based on the popular Silent Hill video game. Though, Ferland is most well-known for her live-action acting in huge horror and sci-fi movies and TV series such as Cabin in the Woods, Twilight: Eclipse, ParaNorman, Supernatural, and Dark Matter.


Lyndsay Seidel: Dangonropa: The Animation

Also, voice actor Lyndsay Seidel voices Celestia Ludenburg from Dangonronpa: The Animation, which is based on the popular horror video game. Seidel is also known for voicing the character Pochita in Chainsaw Man and Eto from Tokyo Ghoul. Additional anime voice acting work includes shows like Nejire in My Hero Academia, and Nagisa in Assassination Classroom.


Austin Tindle: Dangonropa: The Animation

Another voice actor who portrays horror characters is Austin Tindle, who voices Kiyotoka Ishimaru from Dangonronpa: the Animation. But Tindle is most known for being the voice of Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, Sasaki Haise from Tokyo Ghoul:re, Marco Bodt from Attack on Titan, Yu Ishigami from Kaguya-Sama Love is War, and Neito Monoma from My Hero Academia.


Panisello will be at Sunshine City Scare both days

Sunshine City Scare is a new breed of horror convention that goes beyond horror movies and also includes anime horror, video game horror, and comics horror. The event includes anime voice actors, live-action actors, and guest cosplayers — all who have voiced, portrayed, drawn, or created wonderful horror characters. Event tickets are $25 for single day, and $40 for weekend pass (prices increase $5 at door). And Panisello, along with all of the other voice actors and live-action actors, will be at Sunshine City Scare both days!

Sunshine City Scare contests

In addition, the horror con offers various contests, which includes two cosplay contests (one each day), a lip sync competition, a Tiktok Film Festival, and a fan art contest. Applications for contests are available.




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