Get Ready for a Festive December: Unveiling Florida’s Holiday Cons!

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than diving into the vibrant world of anime, gaming, and cosplay at two spectacular events coming up in Florida? Brace yourselves for a double dose of excitement as Florida Comic Cons brings you the scoop on the must-attend conventions this December in the Sunshine State!

Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay 2023

Date: December 2-3 Location: Coliseum, St. Petersburg

Saturday advanced purchase ticket is $25

Prepare to step into a winter wonderland of anime, gaming, makeup/SFX, and cosplay at Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay 2023! Set against the backdrop of the historic St. Petersburg Coliseum, this event promises two days packed with festive vibes and exhilarating activities. Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with themed cosplay, gaming extravaganzas, and a showcase of makeup and SFX wizardry.

Holiday Matsuri 2023

Date: December 20-22 Location: Marriott World Center Orlando

Friday advanced purchase ticket is $70.

Get ready for a festively-themed extravaganza at Holiday Matsuri 2023, where Orlando’s epic holiday event transforms into a haven for anime aficionados, gamers, and cosplay enthusiasts! Taking place at the Marriott World Center, this three-day celebration is an immersion into holiday cheer and pop culture. Dive into an ocean of gaming tournaments, electrifying cosplay showcases, and a marketplace brimming with treasures perfect for holiday gifts.

need help finding cons in Florida?

Florida Comic Cons has the Con Calendar, a curated calendar of comic, anime, horror, and other pop-culture conventions to keep you, the fandom, informed and apprised (you’re welcome). Quit wasting time with internet searches that take too long and still leave you asking questions.  The Con Calendar’s event listings include all the con info like ticket prices and links, and lots more!

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