Ranking our favorite Doctor Who

It’s nearly impossible to have not heard of Doctor Who, the critically acclaimed BBC series that ran for 26 years until it was cancelled, but then brought back (and nerds around the globe said “whew.”) The long-running series can be a bit daunting to dive into, considering it has more than 30 seasons, not including lost episodes. So Florida Comic Cons is here to guide you into one of the most important sci-fi series of all time.


Multiple Doctors?

Let’s start with the main character, one of the most unique parts of the show. The Doctor is reincarnated multiple times into different people, resulting in14 different iterations of the same character. And the iterations have different personalities, but are the same person narratively.

The Doctor is a part of an alien race of “Time Lords” who can regenerate into seemingly a completely different person. Doctor’s usually have a “companion” or two as well, who work as the voice of reason or foil to the character’s wackiness.

The reason behind the plot of having multiple Doctors is due to the failing health of the actor who played the first one. William Hartnell could no longer play the character so the show started introducing multiple Doctors by various actors. And it caught on, and on, and on.

There are currently 14 iterations of The Doctor, and here are our top five.

#5: The Second Doctor

The Second Doctor is ranked fifth, and was played by Patrick Troughton in the late 1960s. He was portrayed very differently than the first. He was a childish prankster who loved creating space hijinks, which dramatically separated him from his predecessor who was crotchety and gruff. This iteration has only seven companions, including the most notable, Victoria Waterfield, played by Deborah Watling.

50th Anniversary Retrospective: The 2nd Doctor | Doctor Who TV

#4: The Fugitive Doctor

We had to have at least one of the female iterations in this list, and it had to be the mysterious Fugitive Doctor, introduced in 2020. It’s unknown what number she is exactly, but the Thirteenth Doctor identifies her as one of her past lives. And she seemingly has a companion in Lee Clayton.

Jo Martin makes Fugitive Doctor cameo in Doctor Who special | Radio Times


#3: The Twelfth Doctor

This iteration, portrayed by Peter Capaldi, was a stern but loving character. He had a more negative on life than the others, including being highly critical of himself. He appeared in 2014, channeling some of the first Doctor along with his own added flamboyance and cynicism. His most interesting companion was Clara Oswald, portrayed by actor Jenna Coleman, who seemingly is human but possibly incarnated throughout different eras to interact with other Doctor counterparts.

Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who: your verdict on the outgoing Time Lord | Doctor Who | The Guardian


#2: The Eleventh Doctor

One of the most popular, The Eleventh Doctor, was introduced in 2009. This goofy and energetic character stands out from his counterparts with his openly caring nature, and more emotionally-charged reactions to adventures. He’s most famous for his signature bow ties. Clara Oswald makes an appearance as one of his companions yet again.


#1: The Tenth Doctor

The Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, was introduced in 2005. He is often considered the best due to his personality — he was positive and outgoing like the Second Doctor, had the self-esteem of the Twelfth, and also the eccentricity of the Fourth. This iteration ushered in a new age of the series, one that was more popular than ever before. His most popular companion, Rose, worked as a love interest for him, and their relationship was an ongoing plot point.

Doctor Who Journey's End cut scene: Dark David Tennant Doctor | Radio Times


Don’t forget the time-travelling phone booth

And iconic to the show is the time-traveling phone booth, which is strange is a very cool way.

Doctor Who (TV Series) on AMC+


Meet Doctor Who artist Christopher Jones at St. Pete Comic Con 2023

Artist Christopher Jones will be at St. Pete Comic Con 2023 on January 7-8 at the historic Coliseum. Jones illustrated the first female Doctor Who (and below are a couple of issues he illustrated). And he is eager to share stories with fans. The talented artist will be signing autographs and available for photos both days.




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