Sailor Scouts of Jax to appear at St. Pete Comic Con 2022

Sailor Scouts

Sailor Moon is one of the best-selling manga of all time having sold over 35 million copies worldwide. And the Sailor Moon anime show is among the most popular ever created having generated $13 billion in worldwide merchandise sales. No matter how you look at it, Sailor Moon is perpetually hot.

Sailor Moon cosplay group appears at cons in Florida

Sailor Scouts is a Jacksonville-based group spreading the Sailor Moon hotness throughout comic conventions in Florida. “We’re dedicated to fighting the Negaverse and spreading positivity at cons throughout Florida,” said SummerFireCosplay, a longtime member. The Sailor Moon group, which formed in 2015, appears as cosplay guests at numerous cons in Florida. And now add St. Pete Comic Con On January 8-9, 2022, at the Coliseum to the list.


The roster

The group’s membership varies, but the current roster features All 9 Sailor Scouts, Cat-Luna, Cat-Artemis, Sailor Cosmos, 

Sailor Mini Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and a few of the main villains.

Con panels and activities

The group hosts con panels as well as leads con activities that range from Sailor Moon Jeopardy to Sailor Moon death match to Sailor Moon slumber party (which was at Holiday Matsuri and sounds so fun!) Sailor Scouts are planning a special panel and activities for St. Pete Comic Con 2022.


Sailor Scouts Mission

“Our mission is to serve local cosplay communities, foster a love for the Sailor Moon fandom, and make people smile!”


Sailor Scouts is a St. Pete Comic Con 2022 Cosplay Guest

The group is at St. Pete Comic Con on January 8-9, 2022, at the historic Coliseum located in downtown St. Petersburg. St. Pete Comic Con 2022 is a two-day, multi-genre comic convention in St. Petersburg that features comics, anime, science fiction and fantasy talent, along with a guest roster of Florida’s top cosplayers. Tickets include single day for $20, and weekend pass for $30. St. Pete Comic Con 2022 attendees can chat with Sailor Scouts of Jacksonville and ask questions at their booth as well as participate in special Sailor Moon activities the group is organizing.

St. Pete Comic Con logo

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine cover cosplayer

@SummerFireCosplay, a longtime member of Sailor Scouts of Jacksonville, is featured on the cover of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine’s Special Edition: Collective Con 2021. The magazine, published by Florida Comic Cons, spotlights her cosplays and shares more about her background. And @SummerFireCosplay is appearing with Sailor Scouts of Jacksonville at St. Pete Comic Con 2022.

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine Collective Con special edition magazine

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