Silent Hill 101

Silent Hill is a franchise that started with the video game and expanded into movies, books, and comics — and followed by lots more video games. In fact, the video game series is one of the most influential of all time. And Florida Comic Cons is here to give you more info on the franchise in this Silent Hill 101 blog post.


Why Silent Hill is legit horror

There are two reasons why the video game Silent Hill is legit horror. First, the video game is based on a real events in a real haunted town. Second, the video game spawned two horror movies. Both easily place Silent Hill into the horror category.

Silent Hill, PA

Silent Hill may be a fictitious town, but it’s based on real events that occurred in the real town of Centralia, Pennsylvania (though commonly known as ‘Silent Hill, PA.’) And the backstory is quite interesting: In 1962, the local fire department was burning trash without regard to the danger of potentially igniting a nearby coal seam that could cause an underground fire. Well, guess what happened? And the underground fire could not be extinguished. The town co-existed with the mine fire for more than two decades until the federal government declared it to be hazardous in 1984, moving all of the residents out and all of the structures destroyed, though the road and sidewalks were left intact — all of which made for a spooky-looking place not to visit. The mine fire still burns today, and is expected to continue for another two centuries. For an entire backstory, check out the video below.

Silent Hill movies

The video game spawned the Silent Hill movie franchise, with the first one in 2006 being considered one of the best supernatural horror movies of that decade. If you want more on the movies, check out the blog ‘9 Reasons The Silent Hill Movies are Underrated‘ by Screen Rant.



Learn more about video game horror

This blog was taken in part from our recent post ‘Video game horror 101: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dangonropa, BioShock.’ Check it out!


Horror con Sunshine City Scare to feature Silent Hill film actor

Sunshine City Scare is a new breed of horror con that features live-action actor Jodelle Ferland who played Alessa, Dark Alessa, and Sharon Da Silva in the film Silent Hill. Alessa portrays a psychic who is persecuted and sacrificed, Dark Alessa is the manifestation of Alessa’s rage. And Sharon is the manifestation of Alessa’s innocence. Sunshine City Scare is May 13-14 at the historic Coliseum and surrounding area in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg.


Award-winning Pyramid Head cosplay to be displayed at Sunshine City Scare

In addition, Sunshine City Scare guest cosplayer Kolackitty will be displaying her Pyramid Head from Silent Hill cosplay, which won an award at the St. Pete Comic Con 2023 Cosplay Contest. Also, she was featured, with her cosplay on the cover, in the February issue of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine. The up-and-coming cosplayer will be judging the cosplay contests and co-hosting panels.



Sunshine City Scare video game horror lineup also includes Alessa, Celestia Ludenburg, Little Sister

In addition to Claire Redfield, Sunshine City Scare also features Alessa from Silent Hill, Celestia Ludenburg from Dangonropa: The Animation, and Little Sister from Bio Shock. Well, the voice actors who portray the characters will be there- Jodelle Ferland, and Lindsay Seidel! The voice actors are part of our Video Game Horror subgenre. You can follow Sunshine City Scare on Instagram and Facebook.



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