St. Pete Comic Con 2023 cosplay was wonderful Part 1

St. Pete Comic Con 2023 had a lot to offer, and wonderful cosplay was at the top of the list. The event included big name voice actors and nationally-known comic artists as well as offered gaming, panels, contests, food trucks and an anime show viewing room (sometimes you need a place to catch your breath and watch Demon Slayer). And amongst all of these things to do was the wonderful cosplay, which was all over the place as there seemed to be an unusually high percentage of attendees who were in costume.

With so much good cosplay, Florida Comic Cons and Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine are teaming up to give you more St. Pete Comic Con cosplay photos than you can handle. In this blog, Florida Comic Cons gives you Part 1, and the February issue of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine gives you get Part 2. Enjoy!

St. Pete Comic Con 2023 is becoming known for cosplay

In only its second year, St. Pete Comic Con is becoming known for exceptional cosplay. Last year’s cosplay contests brought lots of talent, and apparently the word got out because this year drew more of the same with cosplayers like @layla.ali_21.rodriguez (below first row), @alejosmiles (below second row), and @cassandracosplays (below third row), and someone in a league of her own.













Local cosplayer interviewed on TV

Spectrum Bay News 9 was at St. Pete Comic Con 2023, which included an interview with a local cosplayer (below). In addition, Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine snapped a couple photos of the 14-year-old talent. We’ll be on the lookout for this teen cosplayer at upcoming events!



Cosplayers of all ages at St. Pete Comic Con 2023

St. Pete Comic Con 2023 drew cosplayers of all ages, showing the artform knows no age boundaries. And many cosplayers assumed the personalities of their characters, adding to the experience of the event.












Wanna see more cosplayer photos from St. Pete Comic Con 2023?

You’ve seen Part 1 of the cosplayer photos from St. Pete Comic Con, and the Part 2 photos are being released as part of the February issue of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine. Stay tuned. And if you’ve never seen the free digital magazine, take a look at the January issue or preview several recent issues.

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine


Tampa Jay visits St. Pete Comic Con 2023

Tampa Jay is a vlogger with a popular YouTube Channel. He is known for visiting various types of events in Florida, which occasionally includes comic conventions, and providing a narrated video walk-through. And he is often accompanied by Cris the Girl, his lovely fiance who also has a YouTube Channel. Watch below as Tampa Jay is joined by Cris the Girl in his walk-through of St. Pete Comic Con 2023.


More YouTube videos of St. Pete Comic Con 2023

The event drew several vloggers and videographers. Below are a few of the numerous videos of the event that are available on YouTube.


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