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Dangonropa 101

Dangonropa is a video game series so popular it birthed a franchise that includes manga, anime, and novels (not to mention tons of merch). In fact, the Dangonropa series of horror video games alone had sold 5 million copies worldwide by 2021. To see a ranking of the best video

Silent Hill 101

Silent Hill is a franchise that started with the video game and expanded into movies, books, and comics — and followed by lots more video games. In fact, the video game series is one of the most influential of all time. And Florida Comic Cons is here to give you

Resident Evil 101 just in time for the 4 remake

Resident Evil, one of the most popular and influential horror video games, was released in 1996. And the Resident Evil 4 remake was just released this week, showing the longevity of not just the game but also of fans of video game horror. In honor of the 4 remake, Florida

Attack on Titan 101

Attack on Titan is an extraordinarily popular anime show, which in early 2021 earned the title of the ‘most in demand’ show in the U.S. And Rotten Tomatoes adored it with a 95% average Tomatometer, and a 95% average audience score.   Attack on Titan (Manga) As of September 2022, the manga has more

Panel applications available for Sunshine City Scare

Panel applications are available for Sunshine City Scare, which will be May 13-14 at the historic Coliseum and surrounding area in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg. The deadline for panel applications is April 10. Florida Comic Cons is a sponsor of Sunshine City Scare 2023. Good panels are a vital part

Tokyo Ghoul 101

Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種トーキョーグール) is one of the most popular modern horror and thriller anime series, according to Japan Web Magazine. The 2017 show, which started streaming the following year, garnered an impressive 82% Tomatometer (critics) on Rotten Tomatoes.   Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) The three seasons of anime — Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul √A

Chainsaw Man 101

Chainsaw Man is an anime horror show that began last year and already is one of the most popular in all of anime. For instance, season one was very well received on Rotten Tomatoes, which gave the anime show high marks like a 97% Tomatometer (critics), and an 87% audience score. And

4 tremendous reasons to attend MegaCon Orlando 2023

MegaCon Orlando 2023 is less than one month away, and Florida Comic Cons is giving you 4 tremendous reasons to be at one of the largest conventions in the nation.   Tremendous reason #1: More than 40 live-action actors at MegaCon Orlando MegaCon is known for lots of celebrities, and the

Brick City Anime Festival 2023 cosplay was fabulous Part 1

The cosplay at Brick City Anime Festival 2023 in Ocala, Florida was so fabulous that Florida Comic Cons and Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine teamed-up to give you two parts of news coverage. Part 1 is this blog, and Part 2 will be in the March issue of Florida Cosplay Digital

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Collective Con Jax 2025

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Megacon Orlando 2024

Basic Info Megacon Orlando 2024 is February 6-9 at the Orange County Convention Center. Tickets Early bird tickets thru July 11. Thursday $21, Friday $37, Saturday $54, Sunday $46, 4-day

Central Florida Comic Con 2025

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