Tampa Bay Comic Con 2023 was magnificent! part 1

The Tampa Bay Comic Convention 2023 was a magnificent event that left attendees in awe and excitement. Drawing in a vast array of comic book enthusiasts, cosplayers, and pop culture fans from all over, the convention showcased a diverse lineup of guest stars, artists, and industry experts. From legendary comic creators to beloved actors and actresses, the guest list was a delightful mix of veterans and fresh faces. And perhaps the best part was the sea of cosplayers who were everywhere.

And because there were so many talented cosplayers at the event, Florida Comic Cons coverage of Tampa Bay Comic Con 2023 is being presented in 2 parts. This blog is part 1. Enjoy Part 2 here!



left Chris Jacobs 

left to right: @olivia-3924, @mackenzie__nichols


Cosplay Scene

The cosplay scene was nothing short of spectacular. Cosplayers, enthusiasts, and fans from various multiverses brought their A-game, showcasing an impressive array of meticulously crafted and detailed costumes. And Florida Comic Cons was able to catch-up with some great cosplayers, as seen below. And Instagram links included, so check’em out!

Do you know this cosplayer? Click on photo, and IM us on Instagram, and we’ll add a caption and link. ty!









left to right: @haunted_.deity, @haunted_.lookz

left to right: @haunted_.deity, @haunted_.lookz


right: @Cosplay_Caro

right: @Cosplay_Caro






Group cosplay was plentiful at Tampa Bay Comic Convention 2023

Group cosplay brings a whole new dimension of fun and excitement to the world of cosplaying. Joining forces with friends or fellow fans to create a cohesive ensemble of characters fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. The planning and coordination that go into designing complementary costumes, from matching color schemes to synchronized details, add an element of challenge and creativity.

And on convention days, the joy of walking together as a group, embodying characters from the same universe or fandom, creates a powerful and immersive experience. Group cosplayers often have the opportunity to recreate iconic scenes, engage in playful interactions, and even stage epic battles, delighting both fellow attendees and photographers. The shared memories, laughter, and sense of accomplishment make group cosplay an unforgettable adventure that strengthens bonds among cosplayers and brings cherished stories to life in a truly collaborative and magical way.

right: @woodydaalien


left: @maipins


left to right: @xyrinx13, @dawnoflinette, @yoshi.cosplay


left to right: @Julibear_bleh, @slickshot_18, @pasta_pirate, @cupidlars, @everything.enshusiast; and front center @ibuyjello


left to right: @lily_perez466, @formerlykaneko, @galyssap3rez, @maiyalynne


left to right: 0nlyweirdo_, @metamorphcos


Large group cosplay photoshoots

Large group cosplay photo shoots based on themes from shows or comics are a fantastic way for cosplayers to come together and showcase their collective passion for a shared fandom. Our friend Leo from Nocedo Photo shared his best large group photo shoots from Tampa Bay Comic Convention 2023 (thank you Leo!).


Tampa Bay goes anime at the upcoming Anime St. Pete 2023

Anime St. Pete 2023 is on September 30 – October 1 at the historic Coliseum in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg. The huge 2nd annual event, which is a celebration of anime and the cosplay it inspires, features 5 big-name voice actors who collectively portray nearly 40 major and significant characters in popular anime shows, animated movies and series, and video games. In addition, there are 3 contests — a Cosplay Contest (sign-up), TikTok Film Festival (sign-up), and Lip Sync Competition (sign-up) — led by 4 guest cosplayers with $1,500 in total cash prizes. Moreover, there will be video games, including a tournament, an assortment of fan-led panels, and a special TikTok filming area to share your Anime St. Pete experience with the universe. Check out the video below, and get your tickets today! ($25 for single-day ticket, $40 for weekend pass- prices increase $5 at door)


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