Tampa Bay Comic Con was Tremendous!

Tampa Bay Comic Con wrapped up at the end of July and it was absolutely was tremendous! With a regular attendance of over 50,000, this convention is always packed with things to do and sights to see. There’s always a chance to meet your favorite celebrities and voice actors, watch hilarious comedy troupes, catch amazing cosplayers, and more!

Previously, Florida Comic Cons gave you “4 Incredible Reasons To Attend Tampa Bay Comic Con!” Now, we’ll give you the reasons we found it was tremendous!

Tremendous Reason #1: Guests!

Tampa Bay Comic Con had plethora of celebrity guests and voice actors to meet for autographs and pictures. It was a chance for fans to meet world renowned, Star Trek actor William Shatner. Or for die hard Vampire Diaries fans to meet heartthrob, Matt Donovan, Zach Roerig.

Anime fans also had a great chance to meet Kyle Hebert just in time to come face to face with Captain Aizen from Bleach, for the 20th anniversary celebration! Also, fans got to meet the Fairy Tail‘s first master Mavis, Leah Clark.

Tremendous Reason #2: Costume Contest!

The costume contest for Tampa Bay Comic Con was a phenomenal opportunity for contestants to earn $5000 and an automatic entry into FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention Contest! This years winners were Fred and Elle Designs with two fantastical Warhammer cosplays!

You can see a video of all the amazing contestants here. Down below you can see all of the winners!

Tremendous Reason #3: Comedy Events!

Everyone always needs a laugh and Tampa Bay Comic Cons is committed to providing them to its attendees with shows like Murr Live, Penguin Knife Fight, and The Great and Powerful Tim!

Murr Live

James “Murr” Murray visits Tampa Bay Comic Con with a live show. The comedian is from the show Impractical Jokers. In addition to the show, he’s also a part of a comedy troupe called The Tenderloin’s.

Penguin Knife Fight

Penguin Knife Fight is an improve comedy troupe that is originally from central Florida. Now, they tour around the nation. This was their seventh year at Tampa Bay Comic Con. They hosted multiple shows a day, daytime family friendly shows and at night, adult only shows.

The Great and Powerful Tim

The Great and Powerful Tim is an improv comedy magician that tours the country. He provided multiple shows through out the weekend. Down below you can see part of his show from Tampa Bay Comic Convention from Genevieve’s Universe.

Tremendous Reason #4: Cosplayers!

Check out some of the amazing cosplayers we saw around the convention!

Couldn’t Attend Tampa Bay Comic Con This year?

Don’t worry if you couldn’t attend Tampa Bay Comic Con 2022 because they’ve already started making announcements about next year. 2023’s event will be on July 28 – 30!

Watch this great recap of the con by great recap by Tampa Jay.

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