4 tremendous reasons to attend MegaCon Orlando 2023

MegaCon Orlando 2023 is less than one month away, and Florida Comic Cons is giving you 4 tremendous reasons to be at one of the largest conventions in the nation.


Tremendous reason #1: More than 40 live-action actors at MegaCon Orlando

MegaCon is known for lots of celebrities, and the 2023 event continues to deliver. There are more than 40 live-action actors, including Zachary Levi from Shazam! and James McAvoy from X-Men as well as the legendary director Sam Raimi who directed the Spider-Man trilogy (2002-2007), the Evil Dead franchise, and most recently Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Here’s a round-up by the movies and TV shows:



Tremendous reason #2: A dozen voice actors at MegaCon Orlando

The huge event features 8 anime voice actors, 3 video game voice actors, and 1 animation voice actor. The anime voice actors portray characters on shows like My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, and One Piece. Here’s the list of anime voice actors: Zach AguilarAleks Le, Abby Trott, Justin Briner, Suzie Yeung, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Luci Christian, Ian Sinclair. The video game voice actors voice characters from Super Mario / Mario Universe, and includes: Charles Martinet, Samantha Kelly, Kenny James. Lastly, the animation voice actor is Ashley Eckstein from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.





Tremendous reason #3: More than 120 comic creators at MegaCon Orlando

That’s not a typo — it’s ‘120’. Yes, there’s actually more than 120 comic creators at MegaCon Orlando 2023. and among the mass of talent are a couple of legends known for innovating Batman: Frank Miller and Joe Quesada.



Tremendous reason #4: More than 150,000 square-feet of shopping madness at MegaCon Orlando

Megacon has hundreds of vendors that offer all types of merch from comic books and action figures to posters and prints. In addition, there will be plenty of artists offering original artwork. “My main reason I attend Megacon every year is because of the massive vendor hall and amazing artists that travel far and wide to attend this event,” said Florida cosplayer @thymxscos (below left). And @DomGoldOfficial (below right) agrees: “The best reason to go to MegaCon is to shop the vast vendors hall/artist alley,” he said. “Not too many cons can compare to the size of Megacon, so if you’ve ever wanted the superstar experience of San Diego Comic Con without leaving the comfort of Florida, Megacon is the con for you,” he added.



Preparation tips for MegaCon Orlando 2023

Florida Comic Cons and Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine teamed-up last month to give you 10 preparation tips for MegaCon Orlando 2023. First, Florida Comic Cons gave you 5 tips, and next Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine gave you 5 more tips. So if you haven’t already, check out these tips so you can maximize your fun at this year’s MegaCon Orlando.



Keeping our fingers crossed for improved parking

Given the size of the event in Orlando, parking challenges are going to be everywhere. And it’s not reasonable to expect to be able to drive to the Orange County Convention Center through no traffic and easily find a place to park that is close to an entrance (but it sounds so good, doesn’t it?) As with any large event, you should expect traffic and parking challenges. However, a repeat of last year that turned a chunk of the area into a parking lot for several hours seems avoidable. After all, previous years did not bring such parking problems as the 2022 event. So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed the venue, organizers, and city have partnered with a solution. And we make this point as huge fans of MegaCon, arguably the best convention in Florida!



Need help finding cons in Florida?

Florida Comic Cons has the Con Calendar, a curated calendar of comic, anime, horror, and other pop-culture conventions to keep you, the fandom, informed and apprised (you’re welcome). Quit wasting time with internet searches that take too long and still leave you asking questions.  The Con Calendar’s event listings include all the con info like ticket prices and links, vendor registration, and lots more!


Check-out February issue of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine

While the March issue is being finalized, check out the February issue that includes photo galleries from events in January like St. Pete Comic Con 2023 and Central Florida Comic Con 2023. The featured cosplayer is KolacKitty, an up-and-comer who adorns the February cover with her cosplay of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. And the digital magazine is free, because we luv u. There, we said it first!


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