5 tips to prepare for MegaCon Orlando 2023

MegaCon Orlando 2023 is nearly two months away, which means it’s time to start planning. Why so early, you ask? Because MegaCon Orlando is not an ordinary convention. Rather, the behemoth of nerd entertainment attracts more than 100,000 people, making planning essential to your trip to this year’s event on March 30 – April 2.

Florida Comic Cons is here to help with your MegaCon Orlando 2023 planning. We interviewed 7 Florida cosplayers of various ages and levels of cosplay experience who have attended MegaCon Orlando. In this blog, we’re giving you 5 tips, which is Part 1. And in the February issue of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine, we’re giving you 5 more tips, which is Part 2 (that’s 10 tips total — we’re giving you so many tips it takes both this blog and a magazine article to share).


Tip #1: Avoid the ‘Con Crunch’

One of the common tips is to avoid ‘con crunch,’ which is geek-speak for not allowing an adequate amount of time to craft your cosplay. “I always give myself ample time to complete my builds,” said @AmazonCosplayer, a pro cosplayer from south Florida who has attended MegaCon Orlando four times. “It’s not fun to have to rush around at the last minute trying to get everything just right when you know you should have started earlier,” she added. @Amazon Cosplayer also has been a guest cosplayer at many conventions throughout Florida, including a recent appearance at St. Pete Comic Con 2023 (below).


Fort Myers cosplayer @kw_cosplay (below) agrees that con crunch should be avoided when possible. “I try not to con crunch by having my cosplays ready and packed the day before,” he said. And he recommends that after you’re packed, go back later and double-check to make sure you have everything. “I always double-check my packed cosplays!”

An exception of wanting to avoid con crunch is Jacksonville cosplayer @TiaraBreeCosplay, who actually enjoys the chaos of putting everything together at the last minute. “I procrastinate until the week of MegaCon and go to the store to buy fabric to make all my costumes for the con,” she said, noting “because what’s a con without con crunch!” @TiaraBreeCosplay (below) regularly is a guest cosplayer at conventions, including the recent Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay.


Tip #2: Make a list of things you want to do at MegaCon Orlando 2023

Melbourne cosplayer @ShortBeansCos, a 16-year-old who has attended two MegaCon Orlando events, encourages folks to take a good look at the convention programming schedule to plan in advance for the panels and performances you want to attend. “If you don’t make your best efforts to plan, you’re kinda lost in the woods,” she said (pictured below). This is a sentiment other cosplayers, like @kw_cosplay, agree. “I make a list of everything I have to do and text it to myself in case Internet reception isn’t that great,” he said. And @TiaraBreeCosplay also concurs. “I check the lineup to see who’s doing panels and when, and I also check for celebrity signings,” she said.



Tip #3: Bring a backpack

@ShortBeansCos was full of good suggestions, so we’re including a couple more that will be helpful for many attendees, particularly those who purchase merch, which makes the trip back heavier. “Bring a backpack and keep it on you at all times, thank me later,” she said.

Tip #4: Pick up tickets the day before

If possible, pick up your tickets the day before, says @ShortBeansCos. MegaCon Orlando, like many conventions, offers attendees the opportunity to pick up tickets the day prior to all of the excitement. “If you can pick up your tickets earlier, the line is way shorter and it’s less hectic,” she said.

Tip #5: Pack ‘comfort cosplays’

Many cosplayers, particularly the pros, have complicated costumes with intricate components that often are heavy and make walking more difficult. After a few hours, or all day, of living in the costume, the cosplayer inside gets tired — and the cosplay must come off! But what if the cosplayer doesn’t want to stop cosplaying at MegaCon 2023? @TiaraBreeCosplay has a solution: Pack a ‘comfort cosplay.’ Good advice for cosplayers who want to celebrate the artform for as many waking hours as possible.



Get 5 more prep tips in Part 2

We’re not done. Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine’s February issue gives you 5 more tips in preparation for one of the largest conventions in the nation. Click here to read Part 2.


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