August is another huge month for comic cons in Florida

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Florida has five comic conventions in August, reports Florida Comic Cons, a news media website that covers comic conventions and cosplayers in The Sunshine State. Orlando has two: Megacon Orlando and Fanboy Expo Orlando, which are back-to-back. Nearby Kissimmee has Omni Fan Expo. And south Florida cons include one the east coast, Ultracon of South Florida in West Palm Beach, and one on the west coast, SW-FloridaCon in Fort Myers. This means avid fans and cosplayers in much of the state are within a few hours drive to multiple conventions this month.

August comic cons in Florida

August 6-8: Omni Fan Expo in Kissimmee

Omni Fandom Expo is a multi-genre comic convention that attracts all fandoms ranging from science fiction and anime to gaming and pop culture – and, of course, comics.


August 12-15: Megacon Orlando

Megacon Orlando is one of largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming conventions in the nation. The annual event attracts more than 100,000 people over four days.


August 20-22: Fanboy Expo Orlando

This convention has a wide array of big-time guest celebrities as well as comic artists and authors.


August 28-29: Ultracon of South Florida in West Palm Beach

Ultracon of South Florida offers a broad spectrum of entertainment from panels to after-parties to a gaming tournament with $10,000 in prizes.


August 29: SW-FloridaCon in Fort Myers

SW-FloridaCon appeals to fandoms in multiple genres including comic books, toys, pop-culture, wrestling, gaming, cosplay, animation, sci-fi and fantasy.

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A major con returns in September

Florida Supercon in Miami Beach returns September 10-12. The guest list is crammed with top anime voice actors, sprinkled with some talented comic creators, and topped with a big-time Star Trek actor.

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Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine will be at some cons

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine, published by Florida Comic Cons, will be at some of the comic cons listed above in search of talented cosplayers (stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for updates). Here are some of our past magazines, which are always free.

Need help finding comic cons in Florida?

Florida Comic Cons curates the Con Calendar, which is the most comprehensive calendar of comic convention in The Sunshine State. If you live in Florida, you’re likely closer to more comic cons than you realize. And our Con Map can show how close you are to annual events.

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