March is a great month for cons in Florida

March is a great month for comic cons in Florida with four conventions happening throughout the state, reports Florida Comic Cons, a news media website that covers conventions and cosplayers in The Sunshine State. The cons are (in date order): SW-Florida Con in Fort Myers, Collective Con in Jacksonville, MYCON in Orlando, And Ft Lauderdalecon in Fort Lauderdale. Here’s a snapshot of March cons in The Sunshine State.

SW-Florida Con

Fort Myers, March 6

SW-Florida Con is a pop culture convention. Individual tickets are $20 and VIP tickets range from $50-100. Click here to get tickets.

Background: SW-FloridaCon 

To learn more about SW-FloridaCon, check out Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine Photo Gallery May, 2021, and an April, 2020, blog titled “13 cosplayers to watch: Southwest Florida.” Also, Florida Comic Cons did a short video of cosplayers at the event in 2019.

In addition, Check out a fan video from SW-FloridaCon 2021:


Collective Con

Jacksonville, March 11-13

Collective Con is a three-day collectible convention featuring toys and comics. Tickets are $40 for a single day and $60 for a three-day pass. Click here to get tickets.

Background: Collective Con

Learn more about Collective Con from Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine’s special edition in March 2021; and an April 2021, blog titled “Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine special edition Collective Con 2021”.    

In addition, to learn more check out a fan video from Collective Con 2021:



Orlando, March 26

MYCON is an all fandom convention. Tickets are $5. Click here to get tickets.

In addition, check out a fan video from MYCON 2021:


Ft Lauderdalecon

Fort Lauderdale, March 27

Ft Lauderdalecon is a comic and pop culture convention. Individual tickets are $20 and VIP tickets range from $50-250. Click here to get tickets.


A sneak peek at April cons

Suncoast Comic Con in Bradenton Area on April 23-24.

Background: Suncoast Comic Con

To learn more, read our blog from April 2021 titled “5 giant reasons to attend the first annual Suncoast Comic Con.

In addition, here is a fan video from Suncoast Comic Con 2021:


The Con Calendar by Florida Comic Cons

Here is our Con Calendar, a curated calendar of upcoming conventions. Each convention listing includes in-depth info about the event like guests, artists and cosplay contests. In addition, there are lots of helpful links for things like buying tickets, registering as a vendor and learning more about characters.

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