Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine special edition Collective Con 2021

Collective Con special edition magazine

Crowds of cosplayers attended a safe and successful Collective Con 2021

Collective Con 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida on March 12-14, 2021 was one of the first comic / anime conventions of the year in The Sunshine State. And the event was warmly welcomed by cosplayers, who have been without a con for way too long.

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine attended the popular anime convention in search of the best cosplayers, which are featured in this issue. We also attended celebrity guest panels, which included Bai Ling from The Crow, Red Corner and Wild, Wild West; Cesar Garcia from Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and Fast & Furious 4; and Tina Ivlev from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Bound to Vengeance. And we met a couple of vendors you should know more about.

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Coronavirus safety protocol in-place and followed by attendees

During panels, chairs were arranged six feet apart. In addition, there were hand sanitizer dispensers throughout Collective Con 2021. And everyone wore masks, regardless of whether it was needed for the cosplay. It was evident there was a coronavirus safety protocol at the event that was followed by attendees.  And as one would expect, attendees were highly respectful of other’s space.

New sections to Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine special editions

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine introduces two new sections to its comic convention issues: Cosplay for a Cause and Indie Comic Book Profile.

Cosplay for a Cause

Cosplay for a Cause spotlights groups of Florida cosplayers whose focus is charitable, such as visiting children’s hospitals to cheer up kids or raising money for a cause. This issue’s Cosplay for a Cause is Florida Garrison Squad 7, part of the worldwide 501st Legion – a group of Florida Star Wars fans connected to an international movement. We found them at Collective Con 2021.

Indie Comic Book Profile

Indie Comic Book Profile highlights independent comic series that are produced by passionate writers and artists in Florida. Independent essentially means not Marvel or DC, and we believe there are many indie comic series that need more attention. This issue’s Indie Comic Book Profile is “Project Titans,” which we ran into at Collective Con 2021.

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine attends comic conventions looking for talented cosplayers to feature in the magazine

If you’re going to attend one of the conventions listed below, and want to be considered for the magazine, please reach-out to us on Instagram, Facebook or send us an email We will look for you, and your cosplay, at the convention!

Comic cons that Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine will attend through end of year

And we will likely add a few more to attend!









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