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6 exciting Florida conventions in September

September is an exciting month for anime, comic, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror cons in Florida. In fact, it’s downright unfair to the rest of the universe that we have so many good conventions in just one month.  The month’s lineup includes three conventions in central Florida, and three in north

Tampa Bay Comic Con 2023 was magnificent! part 1

The Tampa Bay Comic Convention 2023 was a magnificent event that left attendees in awe and excitement. Drawing in a vast array of comic book enthusiasts, cosplayers, and pop culture fans from all over, the convention showcased a diverse lineup of guest stars, artists, and industry experts. From legendary comic

Tampa Bay Comic Convention 2023 was magnificent! part 2

The opportunity to engage in playful interactions, join group photo shoots, bask in the admiration of fellow fans, and, of course, cosplay, made Tampa Bay Comic Convention 2023 magnificent! (This blog is part 2 in Florida Comic Cons coverage of Tampa Bay Comic Convention 2023. Read Part 1 here). Attendees

MetroCon 2023 was spectacular

MetroCon 2023 was a spectacular experience that left attendees captivated and inspired. The 20th anniversary event, which is Florida’s largest anime convention, allowed fans to be immersed in the magical world of anime and cosplay. From thrilling activities to jaw-dropping cosplays, the vibrant spirit of the community permeated the entire

10 Big Reasons to Attend Sunshine City Scare

Sunshine City Scare is a new breed of horror convention that features four horror subgenres: Anime horror and video game horror as well as horror in movies & TV and a very special guest. Celebrity guests include voice actors and live-action actors from popular anime shows, video games, and movies like Chainsaw Man, Tokyo Ghoul, Resident Evil,

Parasyte 101

Parasyte is a science-fiction horror anime series based on the manga with the same title written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki. The anime premiered on October 2014, and it was produced by Madhouse Studios. The series has gained popularity with its intense storyline, unique concept, and dynamic character development. It

BioShock 101

Review aggregator Metacritic reports “universal acclaim” for BioShock, a video game that received an average review score of 96/100 for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows, and 94/100 for PlayStation 3. Some consider BioShock to be one of the greatest video games ever made and a demonstration of video games as an art form. The

Dangonropa 101

Dangonropa is a video game series so popular it birthed a franchise that includes manga, anime, and novels (not to mention tons of merch). In fact, the Dangonropa series of horror video games alone had sold 5 million copies worldwide by 2021. To see a ranking of the best video

Silent Hill 101

Silent Hill is a franchise that started with the video game and expanded into movies, books, and comics — and followed by lots more video games. In fact, the video game series is one of the most influential of all time. And Florida Comic Cons is here to give you

Resident Evil 101 just in time for the 4 remake

Resident Evil, one of the most popular and influential horror video games, was released in 1996. And the Resident Evil 4 remake was just released this week, showing the longevity of not just the game but also of fans of video game horror. In honor of the 4 remake, Florida

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Florida PolyCon 2024

Basic Info Florida PolyCon is a geek culture and sci-fi convention on March 16, 2024 at Florida Polytechnic University. Tickets Saturday Adult $30 at the door ($23 in advance)  Kids

Spookala 2024

Basic Info Spookala is a horror themed convention in Tampa Florida at the Florida State Fair Grounds on April 5-7, 2024. Tickets Parking is $10 (discounted for multiday attendees) Children

Mizucon 2024

Basic Info Mizucon is a water-themed anime and gaming convention in Miami Florida. This even is held at the Doubletree Miami Airport on May 24-26, 2024. Tickets Mizucon offers multiple

Spooky Empire 2024

Basic Info Spooky Empire is a horror-themed convention in Orlando Florida at the Wyndham Resort on May 17-19, 2024.  Tickets  Get tickets here. Friday $40 – Advance $45 – At