8 Florida Cosplayers and One Dozen Sailor Moons to Cheer You Up

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine November 2020 Issue released

This issue is full of Florida cosplayers. Enjoy our November 2020 issue of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine!

This issue of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine features cosplayers who give you a much needed break from the coronavirus, presidential election, and continued cancellations of comic conventions.

In this issue, there is a couple who got engaged while cosplaying – and we have the photo! We have a mom and baby who show cosplay is for families. Moreover, we showcase a cosplay group – lots of Sailor Moons from Jacksonville. Collectively, we call them “8 Florida Cosplayers and One Dozen Sailor Moons to Cheer You Up.”.

Best place to see Florida cosplayers is at comic conventions in The Sunshine State

A breakdown of 2021 comic cons by region

  • North Florida has three conventions scheduled: Collective Con in Jacksonville, March 12-14; Pensacon in Pensacola, May 21-23; and Infinity Con in Tallahassee, June 5-6; and Ancient City Con September 17-19 in St. Augustine.
  • Central Florida has the most upcoming events with nine scheduled. There are two in Ocala: Brick City Toy & Comic Con, April 17; and Ocala Comic Con, September 11-12. Additionally, there is Central Florida Comic Con in Lakeland on June 12-13; and Omni Fandom Expo in Kissimmee on August 6-8. Moreover, there is Daytona Beach Comic Con September 18-19. And Orlando continues to host the most comic cons of any city in the state: My Con, March 6; Megacon, August 12-15; Fanboy Expo, August 20-22; and Holiday Matsuri, December 17-19.
  • Tampa Bay has three comic cons scheduled. Tampa’s two big ones are back-to-back: Metrocon is on July 23-25, and the following weekend is Tampa Bay Comic Con on July 30-August 1. Additionally, Suncoast Comic Con in Bradenton is May 29-30.
  • South Florida has three scheduled and one big one planning an event with a date not yet determined. Two are on May 1: Pulp Adventurecon in Fort Lauderdale and SW-Floridacon in Fort Myers. And Ultracon of South Florida in West Palm Beach is on August 28-29. Finally, Florida Supercon, the annual comic convention in Miami Beach, has plans for an event in 2021 but has yet to set a date.

Where are the comic conventions in Florida?

Florida Comic Cons also keeps a Con Map to illustrate where the annual conventions are happening.

Learn more about comic conventions in Florida

For more information like a monthly listing of events, venues and tickets costs, as well as updates on event postponements and cancellations, visit the Florida Comic Con Calendar https://floridacomiccons.com/events/

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